Work with Erin

Achieving work/life balance is possible with Erin

1:1 Consultation (6 Months)

Erin’s strategic and insightful consultation methods leads teams to become more engaged, miss less work, and stay together longer. If you are going through a merger, culture shift or any major change and are having a hard time getting back on track, Erin can help you out. 6 months commitment is required and includes bi-weekly consultations.

Intensive Consultation

In this intensive consultation, leaders will discover exactly what their biggest hurdle is at the moment and hone in on all the details of it to make sure they are solving the correct problem. Background and goals are discussed to ensure a complete view of the issue at hand. An accurate and detailed problem overview are given with a plan for next steps.

Strategic Assessment

As the captain of your ship, do you know if everyone is rowing in the same direction? Are you ready to see where you may have been mis-navigating your crew and get a new route? Then let’s take a look at your strategy. A strategic assessment will include a deep dive into your approach and give a detailed plan afterwards.

Customized Classes

Everyone deserves to work in a low-stress environment, no matter who you are or what you do. Also, everyone is responsible for contributing to that environment. Teach your teach skills and tools they can use to make their workplace more balanced for themselves and everyone around them. Customized classes start at 30 minutes.