Terms and Conditions

Erin M. Covert Consulting is a trade name of Studio for Mindfulness LLC. Studio for Mindfulness, LLC is registered in Michigan and is governed by the laws of the state of Michigan (United States of America). By submitting payment on any Erin M. Covert Consulting website page, you are agreeing to the following terms & conditions: 

  • The Six Month 1:1 Concentration Consultation Package and the 1:1 Intensive Consult Package are one-on-one conversation with Erin M. Covert Consulting resource and one client point of contact. This point of contact cannot change. Multiple points of contact will be charged at additional rates at the discretion of Erin M. Covert Consulting.
  • Monthly subscription prices include consultancy services only. Unless specifically noted, packages do not include creative execution of recommendations (i.e. technical or design resources). Any creative work will be scoped and invoiced separate and incremental to the subscription fees.
  • Any services requested above and beyond what is listed for any monthly membership package will be scoped and billed in addition to monthly subscriptions.
  • Client participation and attendance is expected for each of the monthly consultation membership subscription packages. If a meeting needs to be rescheduled, Erin M. Covert Consulting will do our best to accommodate. However, if the Client does not attend or show up for the meeting with no advance warning of a cancelation or reschedule, then it is at discretion of EMC to reschedule the meeting or not. 
  • Monthly subscription fee do not include third party costs (such as but not limited to appointment scheduling platforms, online tools for finance and marketing such as Quickbooks, Canva, etc.)
  • Meetings can be conducted in person (at select locations), over the phone or via video conference (i.e. FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Skype). EMC will work with the client’s preference. 
  • Please note that the fee price paid does not include travel costs (if necessary, will be scoped, agreed in advance and invoiced separately to the client).
  • All invoices are due upon receipt. All invoices are billed in USD.
  • Easy online payment options are available. Our primary payments tool is Quickbooks
  • Please note, when you submit a monthly payment the account you initially pay with will be charged automatically one month from payment. Payments will recur for the agreed upon package (i.e. for 6 months in total for the 6 Month Consultation Package) 
  • If a payment is declined, the payments system Quickbooks will automatically attempt the payment again for two (2) days. Client will be emailed immediately upon declined payment. If the payment continues to be unsuccessful, the subscription will be canceled after two (2) days. It is at the discretion of EMC to renew the outstanding months only or the full package again. Fees may apply for late and/or declined payments.
  • Final deliverable(s) will be held until outstanding payments are received.
  • EMC “members” or clients with active monthly subscription consultation plans will receive approximately 10-20% off creative services. 
  • Client must provide feedback in a timely fashion for any incremental creative or implementation services. If client does not provide feedback after 3 months, final source files will be provided to the client and an additional service fee will be charged to re-start the project to complete any remaining work.
  • If necessary payment terms for incremental and/or creative services are available. They must be discussed and agreed upon in advance of first invoice (i.e. 50% due at the start and 50% due prior to distribution of the final deliverable).
  • Absolutely no refunds will be provided. Client must provide 30 days or 1 month notice when canceling a subscription. An additional cancellation fee of $100 USD will be charged to any client that cancels prior to the outlined monthly minimums. Project based work will be charged a minimum of 50% of the project plus a $50 USD cancelation fee for cancelation before completion. 
  • EMC will not disclose content discussed during client sessions unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Any questions can be sent to Erin M. Covert at hello@erinmcovert.com